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The Master Fundamentals Package.

This package, with a special price for a limited time only, includes 4 courses:

Becoming an NFTs Creator with Matteo Stanzani

NFTs and the Law with Alexander Gafoor

NFTs Investing Sniper Course with Errol Wilson Jr

NFTs and Communication with Austin Mason

$496 $ 1,545_edited.jpg

Our Classes.

Becoming an NFTs Creator

How to convert your digital art into NFTs and sell it.

$ 387    $ 129

Austin Mason_NFT and communication.jpg

NFTs and Communication

How to develop a content strategy and social media SEO.

$ 297    $ 99

Errol Wilson Jr_NFTs Investing Sniper Course.jpg

NFTs Investing Sniper Course

How to analyze NFT projects and understand if they are worth investing or not.

$ 297    $ 99

Alexander Gafoor_ NFTs and the Law.jpg

NFTs and the law 

How intellectual property rights relate to NFTs, how businesses can leverage NFT tech to get ahead and how to recognize potential legal weaknesses of a project avoiding scams and rugpulls.

$ 564  $ 169

We deliver high quality learning experiences
directly at your home. 

Live Courses

Our courses are based on interactive live classes.


Our teachers are renown experts and professionals of the industry.

Certificate of completion

The certificate of completion will be issued at the end of each course. 

Additional Material

Additional materials such as e-books and pfd are included.

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